What makes XIAOMI a reliable mobile phone brand?

Mobile brands like Samsung, Apple, Gionee, Nokia and many more have always been the favourite among the audience. Whenever someone wants to buy a mobile phone, they prefer looking for the known brands. However, one more brand of mobile phones emerged as the game changer in the world of smartphones where there are so many options available for the smartphone lovers and that game changing brand was Xiaomi.

Ever since its launch, Xiaomi has secured a strong foothold in the mobile market. If we look back, it’s been almost 5 years since Xiaomi launched its first device MI3 in India. However, approximately around the time of launch of iPhone 4s, Xiaomi introduced its first ever smartphone to the world.

Everyone is aware that Xiaomi is a Chinese mobile phone brand which at first did not get much attention because of its country of origin. However, there are certain characteristics of those phones made them stand out of the crowd. Let us find out, what are those properties of Xiaomi Mobile Phones which them the most reliable phones.

Phones Come at Pocket Friendly Price

While purchasing a mobile phone, especially a smartphone, the prominent factor that one would consider is its cost. After all, one should cut the cloth according to their coat. In this case, Xiaomi fits the best for the people who are looking for a budget friendly phone. This does not mean that Xiaomi compromises on quality and specifications of the mobile phone. Some budget friendly mobile phones of Xiaomi are REDMI 6 3G/32GB, REDMI 6 3G/64GB, REDMI 6 A 2GB/16GB, REDMI 6 A 2GB/32GB, REDMI Y2 Mi A2, MI Mix 2GB, MI Mix Max 4GB, Redmi Note 5, Redmi Note 5 Pro, REDMI Note 6 Pro 4GB, REDMI Note 6 Pro 6GB, Poco F1 6G/128 GB, Poco F1 6G/64 GB and many more.

The Superior Camera Quality

The first consideration for anyone while selecting a phone is to identify on what scale does the camera of the selected phone stand. In case of Xiaomi, no matter which Xiaomi mobile phone you select, you will never be disappointed by the camera quality of the selected phone. If we look at certain models of Xiaomi, we will find that most of those possess high quality camera. For instance, REDMI 6 A 2GB/16GB comes with 13 MP Rear Camera and 5 MP Front Camera, REDMI Y2 Mi A2 comes with 12 MP rear camera and 16 MP front camera, Redmi Note 5 Pro packs the dual primary camera feature with 12 MP and 5 MP lens coverage and 20 MP for clicking the selfie. Likewise, there are so many Xiaomi mobile phones which are packed with enhanced camera features and that too at pocket friendly prices.

The Storage Capacity

Despite being low in price, Xiaomi presents its customers with such smartphones that possess enough storage capacity. Generally, when we extend a hand to buy a mobile phone and look for massive storage capacity, we shirk form it seeing the price tag. However, Xiaomi has a vast variety of such phones at affordable prices. Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 5 Pro, Redmi Y2, Redmi 6 Pro and many more are available at Happi Mobiles Store as well as online under the lowest price. Though they are cheaper at low prices, they offer massive internal storage from 16 GB to 256 GB.

Premium Hardware

If we take a deep look at the processors which are used to build Xiaomi phones, we will find that the used processors are of high quality. The processors like MediaTek and Qualcomm Snapdragon are installed in the Xiaomi mobile phones which give them ease to run. If we look at some Xiaomi models

like Redmi 6A, Redmi Y2, Redmi 6 pro, Redmi 6, Redmi note 5 pro, Redmi A2 and so on, we will find that the phones are supported by MediaTek or Qualcomm Snapdragon hardware processors. Moreover, the phones are entirely based on Android versions depending on the RAM they support.

A Secure Smartphone

Who does not like to have a mobile phone which is secure and safe to use, to store pictures and videos? Well, Xiaomi brings you a wide range of such phones which give you a high sense of security for your stored data on the phone. There are plethora of mobile phones of different brands in the market and promote high security sense. However, buying them goes out of budget for most or you can say not everyone can afford those phones. This is why Xiaomi has come up with certain mobile phones which come with security features like fingerprint sensor, face unlock feature.

Sound Battery Backup

If you have spent hefty amount on buying a smartphone but you do not get enough battery back-up, you repent on spending your money. It feels like a burden on you that why you did not consider the battery back-up feature of the phone. Xiaomi takes away that burden of repenting from you. The mobile phone brand has produced a lot of mobile phones which are sound battery backup supporters. Mobile phones like POCO F1, Redmi 6 pro, Redmi 6-3G and many more come with a battery of 3000 to 4000 mAh which is enough to spend a long day with just a single charge.

Alluring Design, Acceptable Size and Light Weight

Talking about the design and size of the Xiaomi phones, they possess a beautiful and stylish finish and come in an acceptable size, dimensions and weight. Most of the Xiaomi’s mobile phones come with a metal finish, ceramic finish and even ceramic back and frame that lengthens the sustainability of the phone. Some are designed and styles with an aluminium alloy that they look so aesthetic and attractive.

So, you can find that Xiaomi comes with a lot of attractive features which are hard to find at affordable prices. If you are looking to buy Xiaomi mobile phones or the latest Xiaomi Mobile phones, you can visit Happi Mobiles Store, or you can surf online on the website https://happimobiles.com/. The phones are available under good deals and exciting prizes. Hurry before the deal is over.


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